Maintenance Instructions

1.Maintenance of power bank

(1)the ambient temperature should be relatively stable and be kept in room temperature. Avoid high temperature, away from heat source, and can not be stored in low temperature environment; Avoid contact with metal materials and have unnecessary short circuit; The storage environment should be ventilated and dry with low humidity.
(2)complete a complete charge and discharge for the power bank every once in a while, preferably once a month. When used for the first time, the power bank can be used directly for about 50% of the electricity, and the daily use should be avoided full.
(3)if the power bank is not used for a long time, it is the best charge to store it, and the state of the 50% power storage is the best. Full battery life reduces service life; The uncharged storage battery will be released, which is not good for mobile power.
(4)to avoid impact, trample, hammer or with sharp objects pierced the built-in battery shell, these behaviors can cause performance degradation of mobile power supply safety accidents, even more not to remove the power bank.

2.Cell phone battery maintenance

(1)the newly purchased cell phone battery is lithium ion, so the first 3-5 charge is called the adjustment period, which should be charged more than 14 hours, and the activity of lithium ion can be fully activated. Lithium ion battery has no memory effect, but it has a strong inertia and should be fully activated to ensure that the best effect can be achieved in future use.
(2)some automated intelligent charger when the indicator lights change quickly, is actually full of only 90%, the charger will automatically change with slow charging the battery is full of, don't turn off the charger power immediately, best to fill a battery, the battery is full of after use, otherwise it will shorten the using time.
(3)before charging, lithium batteries do not need to discharge, also can not discharge, the current production of lithium battery charger is no discharge function, if can adjust the speed of charging, charging recommend use slow batteries, reducing quick charge way; Don't spend more than 24 hours on a slow or fast charge, or the battery may be burned by a long period of power.
(4)there are a lot of users in charging the phone open, also in the process of charging, the battery side outward discharge due to the use of mobile phones, and inward for battery charging power supply, is likely to make voltage disorder lead to cell phone circuit boards will be fever, if there is a call, will produce instant return current, damage to the inside of the mobile phone parts.
(5)charge is not as long as the time, and it should stop charging when the battery is filled with no protective circuit, or it will affect performance due to heat or overheating. Calculation of battery charging time method is as follows: the theory of power divided by the battery charger output current can be, for example: a piece of battery capacity is 800 mah, for example, the charger output current is 500 ma, the charging time is equal to 800 mah / 500 ma = 1.6 hours, of course this is only a full charge of the theory of time calculation, when after the completion of the charger showed, preferably for about half an hour or so to fill battery time. The lithium-ion battery must choose a dedicated charger, otherwise it may not reach saturation state and affect its performance.

3. Maintenance of car charger

(1)do not use car charger in damp environment.
(2)do not store the car charger in a humid environment.
(3)the use of appropriate temperature is 0-45 ℃.
(4)stay away from children.
(5)avoid lightning strikes.
(6)when the power is finished, the plug should be pulled out in time.

4.Maintenance of the data line

(1)don't yank the data line or pull it, it's easy to break the line inside.
(2)when the data line is idle, naturally let it go and do not fold it vigorously.
(3)when pulling off the data line from the phone, pinch the head, not pull the line downward.
(4)avoid in damp places. If the water is not used, it is easy to short circuit.

5.Maintenance of power adapter

(1)defensive chemicals. Do not clean the charger with strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergent. Clean the surface of the charger with a small amount of non-water alcohol scrub.
(2)waterproof and moisture-proof. As an electronic product, it can cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to the electronic components in the air when it is exposed to water or when it is not used for long periods of time.
(3)anti-shock. Cell phone charger is actually a fragile component, internal components can't withstand wrestling.
(4)static electricity when cleaning. Clean the charger and the charging port regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth, or an antistatic cloth. Do not use dry cloth! Accidentally lands in the process. Do not throw, knock or vibrate the charger. Rough treatment of the charger will destroy the internal circuit board.
(5)cold and heat proof. Don't put the charger in a hot spot. High temperature can shorten the life of electronic devices and destroy the charger, making some plastic parts deform or melt. Don't store chargers in cold places. When the charger is working in a cold environment, the inside of the charger will form moisture and destroy the circuit board.